Three Musketeers ADVAN cooperation with HKS modified WRX STI


Since the 11th generation Subaru WRX STi VAB a listing, it would be the major Japanese manufacturers modified hot demand, continue to launch its single product modifications and Demo Car, M3 Control arms even the tire manufacturer YOKOHAMA rim Ruckus Hallmark also came share. YOKOHAMA provides tire and the rim, does not yet have the ability to really launch its own Demo Car. So and joint HKS Kansai Service breath launched three different styles of vehicle modification cases.

ADVAN modified the original case of the so-called choice is actually available in the market mature, subaru impreza wrx turbocharger modified parts, according to their own style of ADVAN WRX STi VAB be modified. However, because not build a car, so its appearance package also try to keep the original lines, but the appearance of the chassis properly and some interior upgrades only.

Appearance relatively low-key, in addition to trailers fitted with sporty hook, but also has installed VARIS series of AERO surrounded. VARIS is a famous Japanese car manufacturer of carbon fiber parts, carbon fiber parts are produced under pressure to provide an excellent vehicle. Engine cover using VARIS products, on both sides of the opening design helps the engine compartment by a negative pressure quickly export of hot air. However, both sides of gill cover holes and cover lock in addition to increasing appearance outside, it seems no effect for daily driving.

VARIS is Japan's leading manufacturer of carbon fiber parts specially developed for racing carbon fiber body kit, audi s3 1.8 turbocharger and after a long track experience, the product has excellent aerodynamic effect, and can effectively reduce body weight.

BottomLine light change WRX STi VAB


First, regardless of how the modification culture abroad, but at home, own a WRX STi after, do not change it, but very few people. Faced with such a Japanese performance sports car, Peugeot 206 turbocharger despite domestic modification culture do not understand, but I'm sorry it does not seem to change innate good skeleton. But for the hand of a new car or new to modification culture novice of the vehicle not familiar with the case that the vehicle wants to look good points, the best way is to be surrounded by the appearance changes. The BottomLine from Japan also added early converted 11th-generation WRX STi VAB wave into.

BottomLine Japanese manufacturers modified ChargeSpeed's suite surrounded by a series of specially manufactured, and the materials are in FRP fiberglass and carbon fiber-based. AUDI TT Quattro turbocharger Interestingly, BottomLine developed for the WRX STi looks kit are surrounded by carbon fiber and FRP materials optional, which provides more choices for the owners, heartache carbon fiber grazing can choose FRP, like colors may also be Select FRP, of course, the pursuit of performance is always the best choice of carbon fiber.

Appearance package style has the same carbon fiber FRP and two material options, but the appearance of control versus limited choice FRP material is also possible. Carbon fiber hood, capable of minimizing the weight of the front, of course, there FRP material to choose from. Feeling gave VAB major manufacturers put carbon fiber hood, audi a4 turbocharger carbon fiber hood seems modification WRX STi became mandatory items.

HEICO classic charm of doubling conversion VOLVO C70


VOLVO modification to the brand, race parts if the double-B may not like many, but there are still a few known loud modification of plants, the paper protagonist --HEICOSPORTIV, it is one of the best!

HEICOSPORTIV modified up to people from Germany, from a trace can not miss any opportunity VOLVO modified cars, and the face of the upcoming new C70 hardtop convertible coupe, performance car parts HEICOSPORTIV how can you miss this great opportunity? Appearance aspect, HEICOSPORTIV import new VOLUTIONTITAN rim style and size VOLUTIONV and VOLUTIONX by two. VOLUTIONV pattern, a size of up to 8.5x20 inches, and is applicable not only in the body C70, S60, V70, S80, XC70 and XC90 models apply. The VOLUTIONX was 8x18 inches, more can be applied on a wholly VOLVO cars.

Although there is no exaggeration plus aero package, but the drop down body height increased momentum, sophisticated and dynamic stability of the vehicle is of course still inevitable, therefore HEICOSPORTIV launched a short spring and shock absorbers suit two models, consumers choose to follow its own budget. Demand for power, HEICOSPORTIV always do not fall behind, for VOLVOC70 also be improved. T5 power systems, with ECU re-write the program so that the maximum horsepower straight 250hp (original 220hp), peak torque is up to 36.7kgm (formerly 32.7kgm); and for the later advent of D5 diesel-powered cars , HEICOSPORTIV also introduced a suite of related correspondence, after this power upgrade kit blessing, also rose by the maximum horsepower 180hp to 205hp, peak torque by 35.7kgm progress to 40.8kgm.

After the dynamic addition and multiplication, brake system is equally important, this HEICOSPORTIV introducing a newly developed four-piston brake calipers with 320mm ventilated disc, high-performance brakes to the film and the metal tubing, performance parts allow C70 to high-speed sprint, to have stronger security backing.

No longer a conservative! Citroen C1 personality show their colors


You can not say Citroen in this year's British Motor Show too conservative. The auto manufacturers exhibited at the show all its products, including special versions of some models, aftermarket engine parts there are some arouse the attention of the concept car. It's a small city car C1 can travel 60 miles per gallon that the car and there are two special models C1Airplay C1Rhythm, in addition to a C-P1NK, body color can own show. C1Rhythm is a three-door car in the original C1 with the addition of new parts basis. In appearance, they are ordinary C1 no different. On the other hand, C1Airplay only the red, black and two colors, generally below the main colors of red and black color for the car body and high-gloss red or chrome-tone interior color style would be a very good supplement. Moreover, with the current version of the most stylish 1GB black iPodnanoMP3 player to sale, while the car is equipped with a complete set of integrated base dock, through which you can make iPodnanoMP3 music player inside the car in which the body's sound system play out. C1Airplay able to purchase their choice of painting unique and absolutely able to attract the eye of the body side glaze paint to completely personalize purposes.

C-P1NK model is purely visual senses challenge consumers to watch models. It uses new materials and aerospace aluminum alloy, its body color and its name, it is pink. It is not only in the body have adopted this most magnificent "passionate pink," engine parts uk and on its side of the body and bonnet with paint sprayers are also a variety of patterns. Even heart-shaped tail have adopted the exhaust port.

5th generation VW Golf R32 performance modifications


Volkswagen Golf R32 is proud hatchback, YD25DDTI Turbocharger strong dynamic performance and appearance Cannon won a lot of friends in the car love love, then the next modification may make fans even more mesmerizing.

Conversion program includes a new sports suspension and high-performance brake system, Senner company launched this conversion program applies to the 5th generation Golf R32 models.

Based on John Inge's turbocharged engine has been further improved, effectively increasing the 18 kilowatts / 24hp power boost, to 202 kW and 339 Nm of torque. Surrounding auxiliary power upgrade also includes a BMC carbon fiber air intake bellows, stainless steel sport exhaust system, CabStar 2.5 Dci Turbocharger of course, to the vehicle's computer ECU of adjustment.

Mercedes-Benz E-class car converted power performance is eligible for upgrade

Domestic consumers for Mercedes-Benz E-Class is no stranger, E-Class sedans made in China after also allow domestic consumers have more opportunity to close contact with this model. Multijet 8V Turbocharger Here we introduce to you is a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe --- modified models, the car is by the German tuner Väth Automobiltechnik modified, the modified model is named V50S.

The modified Mercedes-Benz E500 models to enhance the power output of 35 kW total power output of 320 kW, torque 575 Nm, top speed can reach 280 km / h, and these will have to be attributed to the newly configured Sport air filter and pipe-cleaner exhaust emissions, these configuration price 8211 euros (about RMB 76,575 yuan).

Besides the modified Mercedes-Benz E500 is also equipped with 20-inch wheels, adjustable suspension and damping system, the price of this package is € 2,963 (about RMB 27,633 yuan), six-piston brake calipers, brake size 378 mm plate and brake fluid Castrol SRF, the configuration price of 5355 euros (about RMB 49,940 yuan).

Mercedes E500 is also equipped with a new car modified front fenders, spoiler and carbon fiber rear diffuser, Fiat 1.9 JTD Turbocharger the price of these kits 4950 euros (about 46,163 dollars). Installed for leather upholstery and carbon fiber adorn the conversion costs was € 2,737 (about RMB 25,525 yuan).

Changes brought about by technological progress, automotive electronics technology development history


Cars originally mainly biased in favor of a technology with machinery, Renault megane dci turbocharger and may in the last few decades with the rapid development of electronic technology, businesses are beginning to advocate mechatronics. Cars are no exception, today's car mechanic if it stays pure experience previously accumulated type repair, it can only prove that he engaged in the automotive industry for a long time period only. Today's cars are easily hundreds of electronic components, hundreds of bundles of cars line controls the coordination of multiple departments automobile, automotive electronics technology has comprehensive coverage of the automotive industry. Today's advanced technologies in car electronics Hook: engines, power windows, power seats, electronic vehicle stability control system, electronic display, electronically controlled suspension and so on. Today's cars are equipped with a computer -ECU to regulate the operation of the entire car, the biggest source of automotive electronics technology has become the car of technological progress. Foreign experts predict the next 3 - 5 years, the cost of the electronic device is equipped with a car account for more than 25 percent of the cost of the automobile, the automobile will be the advanced mechatronic product development directions purely mechanical products, a so-called "e-car."

Of course, with the circuit-ho car not previously unrelated, summed up the early automotive circuits primarily energy conversion, Volvo V50 turbocharger today's electronic technology lies in overall vehicle control.

Ignition System

Look at the car's first circuit of non-gasoline engine ignition system must go. To ignite the gasoline inside the cylinder, it is necessary to stop sparks, so when Hou scientists use the principle of electromagnetic induction coil in the car made a small transformer can produce an instant spark plug high voltage ignition. This technology is still common on modern cars!

Starting System

Another early cars and circuits related to none other than non-starter, early cars are using hand starter (as is now part of a tractor), but the hand-cranked inconvenient for women. So he has a starter of the invention, reportedly, the starter of the invention is due to the occurrence of an accident. When a British gentleman helping a girl halfway flameout Cadillac car starter, start lever counter-play led to the death of the gentleman, and the gentleman what was common CEOs friends, so a technical battle began under boss ordered Expand the starter by pushing flywheel energy into mechanical work also established the form of energy down. Today's starter is still such works, but the workmanship and durability more perfect it.

In a very long period of time, electronic technology has only limited car motor driven work, we can say a long period of time, passat 1.8 turbocharger the car is just a circuit with a few "pure" mechanical monster it. But as scientists break through the development of electronic technology, automotive electronics technology has ushered in the spring.

Improve ride comfort How to reduce car noise


Many owners have such feelings, audi a4 1.8 turbocharger especially high-speed running when driving, vehicle noise has become a major factor driving environment. People prolonged exposure to noise, will tinnitus, dreams, palpitation and irritability, or direct cause hearing loss or even deafness, which indirectly by the vehicle traffic accident caused by noise, it is not uncommon. Confidence quick repair beauty chain classic presentation of professional technicians, vehicle noise generally comes from engine noise, exhaust noise, fan, transmission, brake systems, tires and wind noise, etc., but acquired through conversion, most of the noise is effectively drop down.

In doing car noise before, you should first check the condition, some noise is caused by the failure of the vehicle itself, such as tire pressure is not normal, irregular wear, suspension or chassis and engine damage and other abnormal sound. The sound engineering systems, mainly through vibration, noise, sealing three steps to complete. Among them, the doors, the trunk, the car chassis, hood and roof are the most prone to air friction noise place, therefore, these places are the focus of noise reduction processing. As for the engine noise, it is best to stick under the hood an advanced sound-absorbing acoustic foam material, it can absorb and consume large amounts of engine noise, but also to suppress the vibration of the hood and blocking heat from the engine, protect the paint surface from high temperature damage. It is understood by professional construction technology, audi quattro turbocharger does not destroy the original car circuit, without changing the structure of the original car, car noise insulation project can drop 4-8 decibels, greatly enhance driving comfort.

Note adjust the seat and mirrors


How to adjust the seat and mirrors? Such a simple question but it is a source of danger to avoid driving. According to a survey, rods not correct driving position and mirrors vision bad will directly lead to accidents, do not think this is something that others do not believe now check your own driving position is correct.

First adjust the seat height, and up and down to adjust the seat so that from a distance the roof at least punch head. If the seat is adjusted too high, the vehicle is likely to encounter bumps head roof, be stressed too short a would affect sight. Then adjust the distance between the front and rear, when foot on the brake pedal to the farthest leg still has a certain amount of bending; forged conrods and backrest neither too straight, nor Bantang, best driving state is when the shoulder Natural backward by, arms straight after wrist should just be able to take on the steering wheel, so that when the power to reverse the steering wheel can guarantee the lingua franca, and kilometers per hour, fuel and other functions dashboard display also can be in within sight.

When both hands to grasp the steering wheel, preferably on "3:00" and "9:00" position. Natural thumb resting on the steering wheel spokes. Some drivers like thumb to the inside, or when turning the direction of play from the back side to dig round, in fact, is very dangerous driving habits, the one which would allow the driver to the steering wheel force feedback judgment is unclear, and secondly when the event It is also possible to injure your fingers when poor pavement or emergency operations.

Adjust the seat can be adjusted after the mirror, and the old drivers know the car has three "posterior" refers to the car's side mirrors and rearview mirror. For the outside mirrors, the sky and the ground level of the transfer line should be in the upper half of the rear-view mirror, which is outside rearview mirror, you can see two-thirds of the ground, a third of the sky, so to ensure that most of the roads are panoramic view. And when the left and right adjustment should let the body also appeared within sight outside rearview mirror, but not too much, as long as the body can grasp the situation near the line. For not all vision mirror, it is best to install a large field of view in the mirror corner angle lens, so you can ensure a more comprehensive insight into traffic. But do not remodel substandard products, some curved mirror design is unreasonable, but after long-term use can cause the driver's line of sight illusion dangerous. Billet Steel Crankshaft Finally, the adjustment is within the rearview mirror, the driver should be able to sit back to the rear of the road clearly observed on the principle of the lower, not higher, in order to acquire more ground information. Moreover, you should pay special attention to the fact that some owners prefer to place bulky items near the rear window, in fact, it is the most impact after the concept of the effect.

Around the car decoration several major errors


Buy an own car is an exciting abnormal event. After a lot of friends to buy a new car, for the car purchase are a lot of decorations, modifications parts like buying a new house after the big renovation do the same. But the current automotive supplies market was mixed, many items loaded into the car in the future and will not bring any good for the car and the owners, and even some supplies will endanger the safety of the vehicle. We'll need to be careful inventory of some to install even completely without installation of automotive supplies, in order to let everyone keep their eyes open, spend less time and money, do not take the car into a car crash.

Perfume is one of the many car essential supplies, but it is also one of the most dangerous items inside the car. First, most perfumes are blended with alcohol and inferior flavor is made out of the volatile gas harmful than good. Second, these fragrances will be highly corrosive to plastic parts, once leaked flow dashboard, may have cost you thousands of Dayuan to fix. Another point, when the case of a vehicle collision, stationary solid perfume is likely to fly roll up, poses a serious threat to the vehicle occupants. Therefore, H-beam Connecting Rods we strongly recommend that you do not put these bottles of perfume in the dashboard, if you want to keep the car fresh smell, in fact, there are much better ways. For example, we can from time to time in the car sprayed some of its own men's fragrance or perfume, so why put a time bomb in the dashboard it?

Mahogany interior decoration before now has not as popular a few years, but still some people (especially older consumers point) to its soft spot. Mahogany trim is actually plastic, their low material strength, dimensional accuracy is not high, with double-sided adhesive on the dashboard, and soon will crack and abnormal noise. There are also a lot of people like to modify mahogany steering wheel, these modified mahogany steering wheel looks not say how rough, hot day when will be part of mahogany tan hot, affect driving.

Many owners like the suede carpet layer and then more plastic mats to prevent the carpet wet, but also easy to clean. But most of the plastic mats are actually made use of industrial waste, very unpleasant odor emanating from the human body is also hazardous. In addition, the plastic floor mats are not generally designed for each model size, and when in use may occur can not step on the clutch in the end, even the brake or throttle stuck phenomenon. So, connecting rods without plastic mats, how to spend the rainy season it? The best solution is to replace the original carpet, direct use of dedicated 3D pads. Now 3D pads are generally waterproof material, you can wash, the perception will not be worse than those cheap pile carpet, a mat on the realization of two previous features, worth the investment.

Ladies do not fade Fairlady Z S30 appreciation


Nissan started to enter the international market, which is the last in the 1960s had never been seen, still a small car manufacturers, 350Z Coilovers when they cooperate with YAMAHA, want to develop a new sports car to update its Datsun Fairlady cars. Nissan executives very valued this upcoming new car, regarded him as a Nissan in the minds of consumers to enhance the image of the key models. 1964 That year, Nissan suddenly felt YAMAHA supply 2.0L DOHC engine is not to force, less than their expectations, so they break the YAMAHA go to find new love, cooperation program will run aground.

There is no new love Looking back we do not know, we look at being abandoned after doing YAHAMA go. People worked hard, own fiddle out of a prototype car to go find manufacturers TOYOTA, TOYOTA gladly accepted the cooperation, you have to ask the fruits of cooperation is what, huh, Infiniti G35 Coilovers 2000GT. I do not know now Nissan is not very upset and then regret their ruined marriage, otherwise 2000GT now so high historical position is not that own? But then again, if the year Nissan continue to cooperate with YAMAHA go on, perhaps there is no 2000GT known as Japan's first sports car produced no same classic Fairlady S30, and this point of view the year with Nissan YAMAHA breakup really is a good thing!

This is the Fairlady formerly Datsun Fairlady Z cars, the picture shows the 1967 --1970 year Datsun Fairlady 2000 (SR311). YAMAHA abandoned by Nissan with his works find TOYOTA, creating Japan's first sports car known as the 2000GT, the "break up" is really memorable, what created the two legends. The Nissan aspect of this program is responsible for continuing Yutaka Katayama Katayama abundance, when he was general sales manager of Nissan USA (in fact, because with Nissan trouble is "exiled" to the United States to go, because it was the US market is more difficult). US sales side of the situation is very bad, very simple, because the Yankees do not like Japanese cars and even ridicule. One day, Katayama Feng thought brood development after GT sports car - civilian GT sports car idea and get started to implement in 1965 after the approval of headquarters. Katayama is assigned to the abundance of designer Kazumi Yotsurnoto Yoshihiko Matsuo, PS: big brother but also hard to force, because before questioning seat leon cupra turbocharger design was sent playground design bumper cars, ha ha ha, I'm sorry I did not hold back . Also mention, where all gold light, Matsuo bumper car design are acclaimed!

LED car light snow Wright: Let the LED headlight conversion possible


Since the end of 2014, the National Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Federation of car modification Wei Jiacheng disclose Z4 Control arms "car modification relevant laws and regulations and national standards are likely to be released in mid-2015" message, Chinese car modification industry officially entered the rapid development period. Automobile lamp conversion, for example, before the lights converted been in a "semi-underground" state, a lot of lights converted needs are not recognized regulations. Now, with car lights gradually modified compliance, more and more owners choose to retrofit upgrade for your lights, but also increasingly diverse needs modification, an increase from the initial simple light bulb wattage, and now LED headlamps modification.

In this regard, professional conversion division, said the future of LED lights will become a benchmark for future development of automobile headlamps, mainly because there is little long-life LED lamps, energy, seismic, KP35 turbocharger fast response, the light source control and strong advantages. But from a professional point of view, there are many late retrofitted LED lights is not mature, widespread poor thermal performance, brightness is not high enough, modification and other more complex situations. For these situations, Wright developed and launched LED car lights - forerunner, whether in light intensity, boot speed, or in thermal performance, modification portability have shown the leading domestic level, to solve the LED lamp cooling difficult, brightness shortage problem.

According to experts, mainly from the automotive lamp conversion pursuit of high illumination, an increase from the previous simple wattage lights, xenon lamp to the now widely used, to now the most vocal LED lamp conversion, brightness and constantly enhance the car Lights modified basic requirements. Wright launched the "pioneer" LED car headlights biggest advantage is brightness enhancement, can build for the night with a "bright as day" safe driving conditions, thereby greatly enhancing the safety car at night driving. And this is mainly due to Wright's leading POWER LED chip technology, can achieve high stable output current reaches the maximum brightness.

Of course, car owners had seized all know, the lights brightness is too dark or too bright will be considered ineligible. Wright forerunner LED headlamps designed to meet the requirements of vehicle inspection light, ultra-light type and good lighting both to protect the visual comfort of the driver's car, saab 93 turbocharger it will not cause adjacent car / truck drivers will be visually impaired.

To help you see the tire modified Mistakes


Tires, like car shoes. Pick the right pair of shoes can run firm in brisk walking. Excellent performance of a moving car, balanced turbo in addition to have a strong power system, but also with other systems with balance, especially modified. Before we launched for everyone on the rim of the modified braking system and misunderstanding series of articles, today, we have to chat with the most important part of the car - the tires.

We all know that, without a tire, the car can not travel, but also directly affect the performance of the tire to the vehicle performance. In the world's top events such as F1 or WRC, and you will often see a different brand of "tire war", or a different team, "tire tactics", we tend to use tires become a key factor in winning the game, showing the performance of the tire to the vehicle importance. Different tires have different characteristics, tire plant through different rubber formulations create different characteristics of the tires and tread design.

For civilian vehicles into, turbo for after the tire is the most basic and most common modification project, and many owners in the tire of the car to be modified often blind pursuit of large, broad size, while ignoring other important parameters tires, and today we to talk about some misunderstandings on the tire prone to modification, we want to intend to retrofit tires help a friend. (This time we talk about car tires with road modification does not involve modification dedicated off-road tires)

For the plan to enhance the driving performance of the car owners, usually modified tire upgrade in size, use wider tires with lower aspect ratio to match the big wheels. Increase the tire contact area can improve adhesion of the tire and the ground, so that the brake, bend performance can be improved. Low profile tires can be reduced due to tire deformation on handling produce, so that steering response is more direct and sensitive.

But everything should be moderate, is no exception modification to improve the grip performance of the tire not only need to be upgraded in size, as mentioned earlier, tire rubber formulations with the same tread design is a key factor grip performance. Analogy, the same car, racing tire special hot melt performance can be achieved with another wide street tires (civilian model) can not be compared. Not just blindly increase the size of the desired effect can not be obtained, aftermarket turbo too wide tires also rubs up against the fender, or affect the normal operation of the suspension system, pose a safety hazard.

Modified version of the Mercedes-Benz CLS Official luxurious interiors / power upgrade


Official Queen Mercedes tuner - Carlson (Carlsson) will not only provide the most comprehensive conversion program, turbocharger suppliers while also recently announced brand will form the vehicle to enter the Chinese luxury car market determined personality. At present, Carlson will again launch a modified version of the Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class to prove their strength, the new car will increase aerodynamics and a suite of high-performance solutions.

Carlsson Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class to ensure the appearance of the original model, will add a new carbon fiber front spoiler and pure black grille, while the rear also increases the non-proliferation after a rear wing and carbon fiber, a This is mainly used to provide additional downward pressure on the car to make sure the car at high speed in the form of state can get better stability. In addition, the replacement of a whole new set of By Carlson designed 20-inch alloy wheels.

New car interior styling also demonstrated that Carlson excellent technology, especially polished aluminum doors and windows, turbo suppliers after Carlson exclusive Nappa leather wrapped again after the front seats, velor floor mats with the Carlsson logo, and with Carl Sen identifies blue lighting systems and so on. The interior design is the extensive use of leather, Alcantara fabric, carbon fiber and other high-end luxury natural wood materials. These are no doubt greatly enhance the quality of the car and technological sense.

Carlsson Mercedes-Benz CLS-class power system with modified car debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show before had the same modified version of the Mercedes-Benz CK63 RS. The original 6.3-liter V8 Mercedes-Benz large displacement engine after a retuned Carlson, with a maximum 484 kilowatts (649 hp) power output, turbo suppliers uk and 663 lbs - ft (899 Nm) of maximum torque force while one hundred kilometers acceleration time has been shortened from the previous 4.3 seconds to 4.1 seconds.

Infiniti FX35 modified HKS turbo


As Infiniti's first SUV models, FX series with the mighty shape, ample power and SUV sports car interior is called the "supercar." aftermarket engine parts However, his early output 300 horsepower many owners are not satisfied, now let HKS GT SS turbine powered FX35 on a new level.

Infiniti FX35 turbo conversion there are two problems, one is not enough space for the engine compartment, front right front torsion box occupies the space of the turbine does not fit the general volume of suitable turbine power is inadequate; the second problem is the dual electronic throttle FX35 with the valve design and the ECU, the general response dual plug computer to keep up with high-speed throttle, the write-in program will affect the vehicle aftermarket. For this purpose HKS provides a solution to solve these two problems.

The HKS GT SS turbo twin turbo kit although small body size, engine parts uk but by low internal resistance characteristics of special blade design and ball bearings, the turbine output is very smooth, very full power output from the original 303hp / 355nm raised to 483hp / 700nm. In response to significantly enhance the power of the engine replaced abdominal HKS forged pistons, connecting rods kit, in addition to increasing HKS injectors and fuel pump.

ECU uses the famous HKS F-con V Pro 3.3 plug-in computer, race parts using a dedicated line group connected in series to avoid doing "fly line." HKS EVC6 turbo controller and A / F Knock AMP2 air-fuel ratio meter can accurately and effectively control engine operating condition.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG modified supercharger


C63 AMG car to the outbreak of the original power output 457hp and 600nm, but grew with the age of the vehicle, engine performance compared to cash performance flagship model seems a lot less. In order to strengthen the dynamic performance and to maximize the effectiveness of V8 engines, Air Suspension Bag forced induction is the best choice.

Modification technician choose a more stable mechanical supercharger technology, supercharged machine from the United States produced by Weistec kit, the body is the traditional Lutz supercharger, which uses double helix rod pressurized cavity volume has 2.3L and 3.0L two versions, V8 engine mounted in the angle.

2.3L The program can provide a first stage of 637hp / 758.5nm (boost value 0.45bar) and the second phase of 672hp / 897nm (0.7bar) two options, and third-order version of the 3.0L supercharged value at 1.1bar the case of the maximum available 769hp / 903.5nm power output. This C63 AMG modified car selection is second-order conversion program, because the program requires third-order body engine, gearbox intensive, large quantities.

 The peripheral portion of the engine has also been part of the modification, in order to match with the mechanical supercharger kit, Engine Parts including a long and high-flow exhaust headers banana segment TWC Group M carbon fiber air intake system, EVO, etc., so that it can meet the 6.2L engine at high speed required when intake and exhaust efficiency. Also although second-order kit does not need the cooling system, but the heat affect Weistec suite is quite large, this special installation of AEM water injection system to reduce alcohol intake temperature, thereby reducing the turbocharger and engine temperature.

The chassis and the body section, the owner chose the highest standard of athletics fisheye KW shock absorbers, aftermarket auto parts brembo four brakes after the first six, and Renntech carbon fiber front and rear lever to enhance body rigidity.

BMW will offer a variety of personalization options


Germany's BMW has announced that from the beginning of September 2010, BMW M will launch a set of personalized option packages for the global market, turbo suppliers including high-performance M models M3 Annex for the launch of a newly developed specifically for the BMW 5 Series Sedan and travel version of the design of the M sports package. In addition, the X5 M and X6 M models equipped with BMW ConnectedDrive system. The following article will make you a detailed introduction.
The introduction of high-performance BMW M3 M Optional accessories: power unit, suspension systems, aerodynamics and cockpit components such as
As a member of the BMW M3 Heavy M family, its onboard power 309 kilowatts / 420 horsepower 4.0-liter V8 high-revving engine gives it enough power output, and the application of high-performance Annex M, turbo suppliers uk can make this a high performance sports car driving experience and appearance have been further improved and optimized.
M high-performance accessories include M sports silencer, which applied a car developed specifically for chrome-nickel metal, with a high heat resistance, light weight, 40% more than the ordinary production version of the silencer, while the sound effects are more "nice." M high-performance manual annex also includes the manufacture of titanium metal exhaust pipe 4, 19-inch light-alloy wheels, M high-performance rear spoiler and fog lamps in the front skirt traditional position below to create a carbon material aileron to provide vehicle additional downforce. In addition, the carbon material side mirror design also reflects the movement of the car's features. Into the car, aluminum pedals and carbon interior trim material can feel your feelings while driving a car.
Designed for the new BMW 5 Series Sedan and Touring M Sport Package: sports suspension, aerodynamic package, M leather / woven cloth sport seats, etc.
Designed for the new BMW 5 Series sedan and wagon launched M Sport Package includes: M sports suspension, M aerodynamics package, double-spoke design of 18/19 inch M light-alloy wheels, in addition, also contains a specifically for the new 5 Series sedan developed rear spoiler enhance its sporty.
Vehicle aspects, Alcantara leather / woven M logo sport seats, you can create the ultimate sports car atmosphere, in addition to the rest of the M sports package also includes M leather steering wheel, M lever, balanced turbo M footrests, BMW personalized version of ink gray headliner and aluminum hexagonal decorative strips.

How to play to see foreigners Xeon modification modified Ford Fiesta


Use the three weeks of time to create a general level of modified cars, turbocharger uk it is already impossible and, but here we see the results of the carnival is one of the best in recent years, rare modification! Belgian Wouter Snelders indeed a miracle.
Let us face the facts: In recent years, the depot in attracting when you buy a new car, will come up with some tricks hype, or even encourage you to buy a mini-SUV, but honestly, they are simply designed models fits, nothing amazing place, with the car color matching is also nothing new (mostly is not the silver gray).
Recently, we have heard the marketing slogan that Ford Ford Fiesta advertised on the use of "kinetic aesthetics", they say that this design can release dynamic energy Carnival itself is a refined idea, even worse, They also say that Carnival has a large network of very attractive effect, and even echoes the lines highlight the car side, it sounds like people to extreme excitement fast, but unfortunately, the ad is always very abstract, and excessive elaborate rhetoric does not help us to appreciate the beauty of the car itself.
Thankfully, our 20-year-old Belgian Wouter Snelders, turbocharger manufacturers although also his local Ford dealer bought the car, but basically said he does not believe that a marketing campaign, but he laid down the new Fiesta is white.
Like with most of us, Wouter do not know about the "kinetic aesthetics" those adjectives, he can glance at showrooms appreciate the new Fiesta rated as the most attractive of a car over the years, please put aside your Fiat 500 and mini fondly, the new Fiesta is the best of a car in 2010, but also for the conversion of players, it is the perfect starting point reference (like the new Citroen DS3 such models).
Over the past few years, white actually get a lot of new car buyers of all ages, but can not because of the growing white car on the street and make you think that it is not modified cars are suitable for a good car color, turbocharger suppliers besides white makes it easy for you to show in the modified the idea is not unique group.

Try new marketing launch nationwide refit game


Sponsored by the FAW Jilin, "I am the master of Xenia" Senya M80 modification Masters Tournament kicked off in the country! Senya M80 with a new marketing attitude, and in fast domestic car modification market, modifications parts showing "pluripotent real · yet Super Value model "product charisma, setting off an unstoppable conversion boom!
It is reported that this competition is conversion activities listed Senya M80 year, FAW Jilin held for the first time in the country. Events for the Xenia country new and old customers to start a two-month period, registration starts from September 10 to October 10 ended. Activity in the country will eventually select 50 classic refit granted Senya M80 user modification Masters title; modification owners finalists will receive 1,080 yuan conversion fund, and can compete to win a family of three luxury overseas travel awards; new users car during the event, will also be Xenia will receive exclusive special modification Cheats. September to October, H-beam Connecting Rods, Shijiazhuang, Qingdao, Shenzhen and four places of car modification enthusiasts, but also to witness Xenia modification works, and participate in product experience activities Xenia, Xenia car feel as unique charm and modification modification fun .
More market-driven, effectively improve the comprehensive competitiveness of Xenia
As elite models on the domestic MPV sales charts, Senya M80 Listed since 2009, by virtue of superior product performance, as well as effective marketing tools, market holdings soared. Over the past year, relying on "China FAW" parent brand's strength, and thanks to FAW Jilin increase R & D strength, and constantly improve enrich the product line, as well as sales and marketing network building, Senya M80 won the overall competitiveness improve .
Today, Senya M80 has been in the domestic mini-MPV market champion: in the auto finance market, FAW Jilin Senya users can enjoy a variety of loan just launched service packages; in the automotive service market, connecting rods FAW Jilin is entered this year JDPower former sales satisfaction rankings only 10 micro-enterprises, can provide the most satisfaction, sales and service for the Xenia users; in the car modification market, Xenia launched this car modification contest, car modification marketing test the water, which will fully demonstrate its Multiple product charm and fashion personality, more in the future growth and development of the brand has taken an important step.

Ford or Cantonese version will be developed vehicle multimedia interactive system


Ford Edge (Edge) chief engineer Elaine spotted agriculture (Elaine Bannon) last week in an interview with reporters, he said Ford is developing based Chinese Mandarin version of MyFordTouch system, the fastest of next year, race parts to recognize Chinese speech, the use of MyFordTouch Chinese interface will appear in the Ford SUV import sharp boundaries.
MyFordTouch is the latest Ford car multimedia interactive system, the driver via the car a touch screen or voice commands to control vehicle navigation, air temperature, media players and other systems, or make a call. performance car parts MyFordTouch now has a thousand voice instruction set. Ford hopes that the future on all models are equipped with this system, sharp boundary will be the first equipped with Ford in China MyFordTouch technology models. But MyFordTouch system sharp boundary initial listing on the left in English. According to reports, before the end of this year, Ford China will be officially introduced Ford Edge SUV.
Ford's research and development center in Nanjing, performance parts China is deploying MyFordTouch localization process and feasibility study to explore the dialect version of "Maybe there will be Cantonese version of MyFordTouch".